Why Toronto College of Osteopathy (TCO)

After having difficulty finding satisfactory Osteopathic practitioners for our clinic, we decided to open the Toronto College of Osteopathy and train Osteopathic Manual Practitioners that meet our high standards. Unlike other schools, we educate our students to the European standards. Although classic Osteopathy is covered, it is not the sole focus of our program. TCO incorporates cranio-sacral therapy, energy medicine, visceral osteopathy, and evolved assessment principles.

Toronto College of Osteopathy offers competitive pricing and zero registration fees. Our courses are designed to train existing health-care practitioners in the practice of Osteopathy. We evaluate each individual student based on their prior experience and skill-sets, and structure the course to their particular needs. This approach ensures that their 1400 hours will be spent in the most constructive manner. Our teaching approach exhibits a blend of theory and hands-on learning to ensure the students are not only knowledgeable but also comfortable in executing that knowledge.

TCO focuses on building confident, self-motivated students, ready to work to their full capacity upon graduation.

Where to find us

Toronto College of Otheopaty
1547 Hurontario St
Mississauga, ON, L5G 3H7

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Phone: (905) 272-1022

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